DELIVERING ON OUR PROMISES - COVEIN Technology, Quality and Availability 

are the three hallmarks of Covein approach to its tasks, providing the premise both for the company’s position within the spare parts market and the reputation it has earned. On the strength of its more than 20 years of experience in the field, COVEIN has shown itself to be an outstanding specialist manufacturer of air compressors and equipment for brake systems and operating circuits of goods vehicles and agricultural machinery.


provide further guarantees for our products, we carry out partial running-in to make sure the parts exposed to friction are all perfectly aligned and in place. First, we assemble our components and then we put them through their paces . This fact reduces the amount of time required for final running-in and full vehicle functionality. Our activities include series production ( the quality of these products has been recognized by the major manufacturing companies) and limited editions of tailor-made products ( following a sampling procedure) – all part of our efforts to meet the needs of every market and customer as fully as possible. Given our quality and reliability ratings, we can promptly provide solutions and responses for specific markets while also providing optimal customised services. Our product lines include air compressor for brake circuits, servoclutches, air valves and levelling valves for goods vehicles, buses and earth moving equipment. Each of these components is designed for reliability and interchangeability , in keeping with Covein’s corporate philosophy. We have always put an enormous amount of effort into our research and development projects. This has enabled us to launch a great many innovative products. Over the years, this ongoing development, especially in the field of components, has become an increasingly important aspect of our work, guiding us toward another aspect of our overall mission, one that grows more important with every passing day : the environment. 


Our standard production starts from the raw material. We have over 1,000 equipments and molds made in collaboration with experienced toolmakers that we give to Italian foundries and printing works for the realization of the blanks. Upon receipt the blanks are always carefully controlled before being transferred to our workshop where we execute about 80% of machining works by means of highly specialized machinery. The machined parts are then submitted to strict controls and tests before being assembled. The assembly stage is carefully controlled step by step on purpose to obtain a top quality and long lasting product. Everything to ensure also a perfect interchangeability of our products with the originally assembled units.